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Who We Are

Stilwell Road Safety started developing the RS-CULTURE© philosophy over 20 years ago. This ‘Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise,’ brings together considerable experience in Road Safety Engineering and Education. Our ideas have culminated in the launch of the , delivering a continuous lifetime sustainable road safety ethos. We aim to set best practice and to make a real and quantifiable difference in the world of road safety.

By working together with Five Zeros Super Cars, we are now able to deliver RS-CULTURE©, FREE OF CHARGE, to every Primary School in the country.

Five Zeros is happy to partner with as they both share an ethos in road safety and are looking to give back to the community. Using the Resources of Five Zeros, RS-CULTURE© can provide an educational experience for both Primary and Secondary school student and teachers in the unique Five Zeros Super Car Museum. Students can learn about road safety and look at some stunning examples of a selection of supercars.

Welcome to the site organised for you by our
Road Safety Team.

Thank you for taking part in this project to support primary schools in the delivery of road safety through the curriculum.

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Welcome to the site organised for you by our Road Safety Team.

Thank you for taking part in this project to support Primary Schools in the delivery of road safety through the curriculum (ideally suited for PSHE material).

Primary Schools

The road environment is complex, unpredictable and dangerous. Road safety education in Primary Schools is essential to help children cope with this. RS-CULTURE© will stimulate a lifetime of road safety culture, improving attitudes towards the safety of self and others, encouraging safe behaviour in the road environment. This should be a fundamental part of safeguarding for all children.

Schools adopting RS-CULTURE© will promote sustainable travel.

Parents will be reassured that their children can walk or cycle to school safely.
This reduces the need for car trips and hence improves air quality.

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Teacher Resources

Available resources for school years

Road-Safety Policy Document

Download our free to use customisable road safety document for schools.


Reception Bundle

'Road Safety Walk'

Year 1 Bundle

'Cars - inside and out'

Year 2 Bundle

'Traffic around our school'
year 3

Year 3 Bundle

'Whose Responsibility is Road Safety?'
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Year 4 Bundle

‘Egg-Helmet’ Experiment
year 5

Year 5 Bundle

‘Accidents Happen’
year 6

Year 6 Bundle

‘Transition to Secondary School’
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Big Bundle

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Secondary Schools

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Further Education

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If you have any questions, or suggestions and ideas of what you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to contact our road safety manager Peter on